About Our Parish

Saint Helena Parish: A Long History and A Bright Future

Over the years Saint Helena Parish has experienced many wonderful events. We began with our first celebration of Mass in a small farmhouse; we moved to its celebration in a small wooden chapel; and then we moved again to celebrate Mass in the “temporary” church which has now been integrated into the school. It’s original plan. We are now celebrating Mass in a beautiful new church.

We have much reason to be thankful to God. Over the parish’s long history God has blessed the priests and parishioners with the courage and fortitude to look not only at the present need, but also to look to the future. It is this gift of God that has brought us to this day. This year certainly promises to be exciting, special, and eventful.

Our parish, as a community of believers, is very much alive with many ministries serving one another and others in God’s Name. Our service is the manifestation of our deep faith in God. As a parish we invite everyone to use and share his or her gifts of Time, Talent and Treasure.

As you read about the many parish ministries, please feel free to become part of as many of our ministries as you feel called. We are more a parish serving God and His people as you participate more fully in the life of the parish.