Stay Spiritually Engaged at Home

This crisis is an opportunity for the Church to be Church and to share the love and peace of Jesus Christ with all around us – even when we can’t see each other face-to-face. We are committed to prayerful solidarity in this time of limited public gathering/social distancing. Much like the universal Church unites each day praying the Liturgy of the Hours, let us unite, by growing deeper in our faith & staying spiritually engaged:


Resources for Mass & Services (Prayers, Booklets & More)

Use to follow along with our Livestreamed Masses & Services:

Specifically for Mass

Parish Prayer before Mass (found on inside cover of Church/Chapel Missal)

The Coronavirus Novena Prayers

Mass Readings (for the current day)

Act of Spiritual Communion

Eucharistic Exposition & Benediction

Chapel Devotional Booklet (for prayers following Daily Mass after Exposition)

Sunday Evening Prayer Booklets

Evening Prayer for Sunday May 31 at 6 PM


Resources for Families, Kids & Adults

Connect, Pray & Nourish Your Soul (Free subscription to You & Easy to Sign Up): has been widely called ‘The Catholic Netflix’

Bishop Robert Barron’s YouTube Channel: Founder of Word on Fire Ministries

Ascension Presents YouTube Channel: helping Catholics with home devotion throughout the coming weeks with special resources/guidance (additional link, check it out)…

Dr. Scott Hahn’s St. Paul Center: explore the richness of Sacred Scripture & understanding of the faith

Redeemed Online YouTube Channel: Lent Made Simple, daily reflection from a number of terrific speakers

Lifeteen Blogs: Really Recommend! An awesome site directed to teens & families with “how to’s” on a variety of topics

The Catholic Mom & Catholic Icing: for Mom’s & Young Kids – fun family ideas & crafts


***If you are aware of more sites/blogs/videos – Recommend Them! We’re a community and smarter together. E-Mail


Multimedia/Online Resources for Devotions

New! Let’s Seal The Doorposts! [Download the Image Here & Learn More]


The Diving Mercy Chaplet


Recitation of the Rosary


An Act of Spiritual Communion

Get the Hard Copy Prayer Here


FORMED (Image is Link)









Shrines Available to You & Your Family for Private Prayer

Although the Church & Chapel are closed with respect to Masses & Services, we have many Shrines & Prayer Spaces that you can take advantage of during this time. Please remember social distancing regulations when you come.


Rosary Garden

Stations of the Cross

Saint Francis Garden

Grotto (with Stations of the Cross)

Individual Shrines (with benches)