Oppose House Bill 1947

Oppose Unfair Retroactive Statutes of Limitation Amendments

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Why should I, as a parishioner, be concerned about this legislation?

In other states where similar laws passed, lawsuits were brought against individual parishes as well as the diocese. The money needed to settle such lawsuits inevitably comes from the dioceses and parishes in which the alleged abuse occurred. In other states, retroactive changes to the law resulted in dioceses closing schools, parishes, and charities and, in some cases, declaring bankruptcy. In short, this legislation, while promoted in the media as “reform”, has the potential to severely cripple the ministry of the Catholic community in Pennsylvania.


This legislation would impact Catholic schools. What about public schools?

The retroactive portion of the legislation would apply only to churches and other private or non-profit institutions, such as the Boy Scouts. It would not apply to public schools, which are protected from certain lawsuits under a legal doctrine called sovereign immunity. This is both ironic and unjust. The vast majority of abuse cases occur in public schools – this is a matter of public record – but the proposed legislation would lopsidedly target private and religious organizations. Simply put: The bill as currently written would allow lawsuits to be filed retroactively against private institutions, but only prospectively against public institutions.


What are some of the implications of the legislation to amend the statutes of limitations?

The most obvious result of bills such as this one is to generate lawsuits against the Church and millions of dollars in legal fees for plaintiffs’ attorneys. The proposed bill does nothing to enhance the security of young people today. And since most Catholic schoolchildren attend public schools, Catholic families should note that is does nothing to assist the many persons abused in public schools and institutions in the past.


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Everyone who values our parishes, schools and charitable organizations must urge their state lawmakers to oppose unfair changes to the civil statute of limitations. Click here to send a message today.


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