Returning Catholics

If you are…

  • Feeling lost or away from your faith;
  • Angry, hurt or confused about the Church;
  • Need a safe place to talk about your faith;
  • Feel like you want to come back, but don’t know where to begin…

then Welcome Home!

Whatever the reason and for however long it has been, we miss you. You are wanted and needed more than you know. Please come home. The door is always open. We welcome Catholics who, for whatever reason, feel hurt, excluded, ignored or whatever the case may be, and have not been regularly active members of our parish family. We would like to meet with you and listen to your story.

Would you like to investigate returning to the Sacraments? Returning to the Table of the Lord? After a short visit with the pastor or chosen representative, you may want to join a “Landings” group for a few weeks to learn more about returning and the changes that have taken place in the Church. “Landings” is a safe harbor or landing place for returning Catholics to explore their faith and their future with the Church.

For more information please contact Jo-Ann Belanger:

(H) 610-279-8042

(W) 610-239-9750

Or call the rectory: 610-275-7711